Gymkhana Club– I and II

Some relevant information, which should be gone through by the applicant before submitting the Application for Membership, are as under

  1. Only such Members as are or shall from time to time become Members of the Clubs and who shall sign and lodge with the General Secretary, a declaration in the form prescribed, shall be deemed to be Members of the Club.

The Society/Club shall keep an up to date register of all types of Members. The classification of Members shall be as follows :

(i)            PERMANENT MEMBERS :

                (A)          HUDA plot/flat holders.

                (B)          Non HUDA plot/flat holders.

                (C)          Corporate Members.

(ii)           TEMPORARY MEMBERS / Officer’s.

(iii)          DEPENDENT MEMBERS. 


     (A)        HUDA Plot/Flat Holders :

       The HUDA plot/flat Holders shall consist at least 50% of the Permanent Members. If a Member has been selected on the basis of his being a HUDA plot/flat Holders, then his membership shall automatically cease on his sale/disposing of the plot/flat. However, such a Member shall be entitled to be considered for membership against non HUDA plot/flat holders category, subject to vacancy in membership and other factors as may be considered by the Executive Committee. The entry fee for membership shall be as determined by the Executive Committee (approved by the Board of Patrons) from time to time, However, presently, one time entrance fee in ₹ 75,000/- which shall be non refundable.

(B)           Non HUDA Plot/Flat Holders :

The one time entrance fee of the non HUDA plot/flat holders shall be ₹ 2,25,000/- (non refundable)

 (C)          Corporate Members :

Corporate Members means a Limited Company or Autonomous body or Corporation or such other Institution or Public  body (to be termed as Corporate body) as may be admitted as such, to membership of the Club, but shall not include a firm of partnership. Such a Corporate Member shall have the right to nominate not more than four persons from among there Officers & Directors to function as Members of the Club. Persons so nominated by the Corporate Member may at any time by intimation to the Club in writing be substituted by any other officer or Director as the case may be.

    The Corporate Member shall pay subscription / fixed membership fee as decided by the Executive Committee. Each Member so nominated shall be subject to the same terms and conditions, as well as norms of behavior / conduct as applicable to the other Members. The initial entrance fee for a Corporate Member shall be ₹ 5,00,000 which shall be non refundable. 


Class-I Officers of HUDA and all of the departments, Corporation and Boards of Government of Haryana/ Central Govt. posted at Faridabad shall be entitled to become Temporary Members of the Club during the period they are posted at Faridabad. When they are posted/transferred out of Faridabad this Membership shall cease to exist. The initial entrance fee for such Temporary Members shall be ₹ 10,000/- which shall be non refundable.


Unmarried sons and daughters of Members above 13 years and below 21 years of age are considered Dependents of the Members. The fees charged from them will be decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.


Each member shall be required to pay the following fees at the time of becoming a Member of the Club.

                (a)          Refundable Security Deposit

                (b)          Entrance Fee

                (c)           Monthly subscription of ₹ 300/- per family & ₹ 50/- per dependent per month.

                (d)          Other fees prescribed for the usages of specific facilities.


(a)          Membership is open to the plot/flat holders of HUDA Sectors in Faridabad in particular and others in general.

(b)          Plot/flat holders of HUDA at Faridabad shall be given preference in awarding Membership. A  lower rate of Membership Fee shall be applicable to them. Out of the total Permanent Members, the HUDA plot holders shall be at least  50%

(c)           The management of the HUDA Gymkhana Club, Faridabad shall be vested in the Executive Committee of the Club and such Executives / Employees as may be appointed as authorised by it.

(d)          The minimum age for membership shall be 21 years.

(e)          While applying for membership the applicant must clearly state whether he/she would require any dependent cards and the details there of should be clearly specified in the application form.

(f)           Spouses and dependent children of Members will also be entitled to use the facilities of the Club but liabilities of expenses incurred will be that of the Member.

(g)          Every candidate for membership shall apply in writing in the prescribed form.

(h)          All membership application forms should be accompanied by non refundable processing charges of ₹ 500/- (₹ Five Hundred only)

(I)           Applications for Membership to the club shall be decided by Executive Committee. The Management / Executive Committee reserves the right to admit or refuse admission to any candidate and its decision in this regard will be final.

(j)           The Executive Committee will be competent to increase or decrease the amount of security deposit and the monthly subscription and any other charges as and when deemed fit.

(k)          Guests can be brought by Members but they can available of the facilities of the Club only as per rules and regulations of the Club and with the permission of the Management. The name of the guest and that of the Member shall be entered in the book kept for the purpose at the Reception. Guests of Member will be admitted only if accompanied by the Member.

(l)      A member shall pay his/her bill within 10 days from the date of issue, of expenses incurred during the previous month.

(m)    All payments are to be paid by local Banker’s cheque / Bank Draft drawn in favor of the Gymkhana Club-I and Gymkhana Club-II, Faridabad respectively.

(n)     Every member will be liable to show the identity card on demand. The Security Guard reserves the authority to restrict the entry to Club.

(o)     Enrollment of Membership is subject to selection by the Club Executive Committee whose decision is final & binding. No objection /complaint in this will be entertained.

(p)      Entrance fee will be paid by the Member within 10 days of offer of Membership.


        Membership of the club, once granted is non transferable.


(a)      Unmarried children of Member above 13 years and below 21 years of age are considered dependents of Member.

(b)       Dependents shall not bring any guest to the club.

(c)        Dependents using the Club must possess the Club Membership Card which must be produced on entering the Club or whenever asked to do so by the Club staff.

(d)          Children below the age of 13 years may enter the Club Premises only if accompanied by a parent Member. They are not entitled to sign vouchers of food or drinks.

(e)          Dependents below the age of 18 Years are not allowed inside Bar Premises.

(f)           Dependent would not be permitted to visit the card room unless accompanied by the parent Members.

(g)          On attaining 21 years of age or on getting married, whichever is earlier, the son / daughter of a Member  who previously had dependent (s) status must surrender the dependent membership card to the club and make an independent application for membership if he/she so desires.


An outstation Member when visiting Faridabad may use the Club for not more than a total of four days in any calendar month, on continuing to pay outstation Member subscription. If he wishes to use the Club for more than four days full monthly subscription shall be charged from him. On returning to Faridabad a Member shall notify to the General Secretary / Club Manager of this return, but whether he/she so notifies to the General Secretary/Club Manager or not he shall be liable to pay his subscription as Resident Member from the date on which he returns to Faridabad. Members can also use the facilities of other HUDA Gymkhana Club four times in a month without paying any extra charges.


      (a) All Members shall be equally entitled to the amenities and privileges of the club subject to such rules and restrictions as the Executive Committee may lay down from time to time. Facilities of games like Squash, Billiard, Tennis, Swimming or any other facility, will be subject to extra payment, to be  determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.

      (b) All Members shall be subject to and bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Club. In the event of any dispute whatsoever in this regard, the decision of the Executive Committee shall be final.

      (c) Subject to the provisions of Memorandum of Association, the Executive Committee shall be the final authority to determine/ decide all matters related to the Membership of the Club.

  1. Membership of the Club shall only confer a limited right to such Members as are admitted as such to :

(a)       Participate in General Body Meeting of the Club and to vote if any resolution is put to vote by the Chair.

(b)      To enjoy any or all facilities created ad / or available for use either generally or with prescribed

            limitations as may be allowed to him along with the permissible Members of family in such manner and for such duration as may be prescribed. 

  1. All Members, expect the Members by nomination and Members by invitation, shall be put probation. During the probation their conduct shall be watched. In the event of their conduct not found to be to the mark, their probation may either be extended or their Provisional Membership shall be terminated as the case may be. In the event of termination of membership during the period of probation, such person shall not be eligible to become a Member of the Club again.
  2. The President will have right to place any Member on suspension if he deems it necessary in the interest of the Club and information of such suspension shall be placed before the Executive Committee in the next meeting for information.
  3. As long as a person remains under suspension, he/she shall not be entitled to visit the premises of the Club or to enjoy any other facility of the Club or to participate in the General Body Meeting of the Club or to vote in any resolutions, etc. In case such Member is also a Member of any bodies of the Club or is holding any office in the Club, during the period of such suspension he will not participate in any of the activities connected with such bodies or office.
  4. Provided that before a final decision is taken, a show cause notice shall be issued by the General Secretary to the concerned Member of the proposed action to be taken and to invite such Member to give any explanation by way of representation if he / she so desires. Such notice shall be displayed on the notice board of the Club and it will be sufficient to have been delivered if is placed on the notice boards. For those Members who, because of being under suspension, are not permissible to enter the premises of the Club, such notice shall be placed on the notice board, of the Club fixed outside the gate of the Club. Provided further the Executive Committee, in its discretion, may decide to give a personal hearing to such member also.
  5. (I) Every Member of the Club will behave in a dignified manner and follow the rules & regulations and other directions issued by any authority, officer, committee or subcommittee of the Club, Members shall also maintain discipline and decorum of the Club.

(ii)       No Member of the Club shall behave within the promises of the Club in such a manner that is unbecoming of a member of the Club.

(iii)      No Member of the Club shall behave in a way that creates hindrance in exercise of the rights of  other equal Members or which pollutes the civilized atmosphere of the Club.

(iv)      Every Member shall at all times maintain absolute integrity and complete adherence to the rules & regulations.

(v)       No Member of the Club shall use the club premises to further interest of any political party or   any organisation  which takes part in politics or any other such organisation which has an   objective, explicitly or implicitly, of the than the objectives of the Club.

(vi)      No Member of the Club shall engage himself or participate in any demonstration which is prejudicial to the interest of the sovereignty of India, the security of the State, public order, decency or morally or which involved contempt of Court, defamation or instigation to an offence or resort to or abet in any other way of form strike / demonstration.

(vii)     No Member of the Club shall in any broadcast through public address system or in any document in his own name, anonymously or pseudonymously or in the name of any other person or in any communication to the Member or in any public utterance make a statement or fact or opinion which has the effect of any adverse criticism on any policy or action of the management of the Club / Executive Committee / any other authority of the Club / any Officer of the Club.

(viii)    No Member of the Club shall use Club premises or shall address to the Member of the Club in general asking for or accept contributions to or otherwise associate himself with the raising of the funds or other collection in cash or in kind in pursuance of any objective whatsoever without the prior sanction of the Executive Committee.

(ix)      Members of the Club shall so manage his private affairs as to avoid habitual indebtedness or insolvency. A Member of the Club against whom any legal proceedings is instituted for recovery of any debt due from him or for adjudging him insolvent shall forthwith report the full facts of legal proceedings to the Vice President or the authority prescribed by him.

(x)       No Member of the Club will directly or indirectly incite or attempt to incite other Member or employees of the Club against the management of the Club or against another section of Member or employees.

(xi)      No Member of the Club shall raise question of caste, creed, regionalism, religion, race or sex in his relationship with other member and try to use these considerations in any manner whatsoever within the premises of the Club.

(xii)     Refusal on part of any Member of the Club to carry out the decision of appropriate administration or management bodies and / or functionaries of the Club shall be deemed as an act of improper conduct.

(xiii)    It shall be the duty of every Member of the Club to promote cordial and healthy environment within the premises of the Club and to do such things and act as may be conductive to the furtherance of this objective.

  1. Any Member of the Club whose conduct has been reported to be against the interest of the Club in general and against the provisions as prescribed under clause 12 in particular, shall forthwith be place under suspension in the prescribed manner.
  2. The Membership of the Club can be terminated on any ground as considered to be sufficient by the Executive Committee for such termination in general and grounds as mentioned under Clause 12 in particular.
  3. Subject to these provisions, the code of conduct, dress, regulations and all other such matters shall be as prescribed by the Executive Committee through resolutions.
  4. Every Member is expected to know all the rules, regulations and other such directions regulating their conduct within the premises and outside connected with affairs of the club. Ignorance of such knowledge will not be a valid plea.
  5. The family Member, dependents and guests of any Member are also expected to abide by all the rules and regulations which are applicable on the Members. In case the conduct / behavior of any such family member or dependent or guests are found to be of such nature which violate any of the provisions regulating the Membership of the Club, it shall be deemed to an act committed by the member
  6. The membership of the Club will be awarded after proper screening and interview of the applicant by the Screening Committee. The decision of the Club in this regard is final and no appeal on the matter shall be entertained.


The Application Form should be filled up only after going through the information provided. 

Application Form should be submitted along with following documents :

(a)  In addition to the photograph affixed on the Application Form, please enclose stamp size photographs each of the applicant, his/her spouse and dependent  for whom Membership Cards are required, Name on back of each photograph must be written.

(b)  A  Bank Draft / Pay Order of ₹ 500/- drawn on any schedule Bank in Faridabad in favour of “ The Gymkhana Club, Faridabad” payable at Faridabad towards processing charges. This amount is non-refundable.

(c)  Proof of plot holding in HUDA sectors, dully verified by the Estate Officer, HUDA, Faridabad in case the application is made in the category of HUDA plot holder.

(d)  Please note that only one person in whose name the plot stands, shall be eligible to be considered in this category. In case a plot is jointly owned by more than one person, this facility would be available to only any of them. In such cases, a No Objection Certificate from all the joint owners should also be furnished.

The applicants to whom the membership is awarded shall be required to submit an affidavit on non Judicial Stamp paper of ₹ 3/- duly attested by 1st Class Magistrate that no criminal proceedings under IPC, CRPC, FERA or other Economic Offence is registered or pending against him/her, spouse or any dependent family been convicted by the Court under any of the legal section / provisions stated above. 

Note : The information provided here is only illustrative and not exhaustive.


Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations   Please collect Vehicle Pass at Main Gate and return it on exit. Please sign Attendance Register at the Reception Counter indicating number of dependants accompany in you, as soon as you enter the Club. Also enter Name of Guest(s) if any, in the Guest Slip. Outstation Guest(s) / Father / Mother / …

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